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How To Sculpt A Polymer Clay Ghost Pin with Karen Baker

Want to learn more from Karen? Check out her Skeleton Course:

Hold your horses! If you thought our Ghost Pin course was a thrill, we're just getting started. We've got another spooktacular surprise lined up for you,

our Skeleton Man Sculpting course, guided by the inimitable Karen Baker!

How To Sculpt A Polymer Clay Ghost Pin with Karen Baker

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Ready for the run-down of what this course has in store for you? Brace yourself for this:


• Meet Karen: Get to know Karen Baker, the mastermind behind these bone-rattling creations, and her journey in the world of sculpting.

• Gather Your Gear: We'll break down all the materials and tools you'll need for this sculpting adventure. No guesswork, just a clear, straightforward list.

• Head Start: Dive right into sculpting the head of your skeleton. Step-by-step, we'll help you shape a skull that's more fun than frightening.

• Head Coloring: Move on to painting the head, learning techniques to make it look spookily spectacular.


• Shoe Sculpting: Don't forget those feet! Learn how to make skeleton-appropriate shoes, adding a whimsical twist to your creation.

• Colorful Touch: Next, we'll guide you through painting the hands for an eerie, yet elegant look.

• Handy Work: Day two kicks off with sculpting hands. Learn how to craft bony fingers and hands that add so much character to your skeleton.


• Step Into Color: Start the final day by adding color to your skeleton's shoes, giving your creation a complete, polished look.

• Armature Art: Learn how to create a body armature, the skeleton of your skeleton, providing stability and structure.

• Eye-Catching Details: End the sculpting journey by mastering the art of painting eyes that are soulful, expressive, and just a tad creepy.

• Suit Up: Wrap up with a session on crafting a jacket, the final touch that takes your skeleton from bare-bones to debonair.

• Hat Trick: Learn to make a stylish hat that adds a touch of whimsy to your skeleton.

Who Is Karen Baker?

World-Renowned Sculptor

Karen Baker is a world-renowned sculptor, celebrated for her whimsical and lifelike polymer clay creations. With her nurturing teaching style and immense passion for her craft, she has inspired thousands of students around the world to unleash their creative potential. Now, she's ready to guide you on your sculpting journey.

And Remember, These Aren't Just Fancy Decorations For Your Haunted House. With Halloween Enthusiasts Eager To Splurge On Unique, Handcrafted Items, These Skeleton Figures Could Also Be A Great Way To Earn Some Extra
Boo-Tiful Bucks!

And remember, these aren't just fancy decorations for your haunted house. With Halloween enthusiasts eager to splurge on unique, handcrafted items, these skeleton figures could also be a great way to earn some extra
boo-tiful bucks!

Whether you're a veteran sculptor or a novice artist, Karen's friendly, detailed teaching style will ensure you sculpt with confidence. In no time, you'll have a skeletal crew ready to liven up your Halloween décor or charm potential customers.

Don't let this opportunity vanish into the ether!

 For just $97   $137  , you can unlock this world of ghoulish, creative delight. So seize this chance to elevate your Halloween craft game, potentially even lining your pockets along the way.

But remember, this offer is as limited as a ghost's stay on Earth. Snatch it before it's gone!


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How to Sculpt a Skeleton Man in Polymer Clay
In this fun and detailed course with Karen Baker you will learn how to sculpt a skeleton in polymer clay! From the armature, head, hand, and shoes to the final painting, and putting it all together this is a great course to learn the basics of doll building with polymer clay and other materials as well as learning a different type of character! We won’t have time to complete his costume while live, but in the bonus class Karen will be showing how to make his little coat.

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