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Unleash Your Creativity

Learn How to Sculpt a Character in Polymer CLay

with Karen Baker

Are you ready to transform simple polymer clay into enchanting, personality-filled Characters?

Karen Baker, Art Doll Sculptor

Introducing the Sculpting Course...

 "Sculpting Polymer Clay Characters with Karen Baker"

Are you ready to dive into the wild and wacky world of clay sculpting? Well, get ready to have a blast because Karen Baker, the master of clay magic, is gonna show you how to bring your wildest imaginations to life with polymer clay!

This course is all about getting your hands dirty as you create the cutest, quirkiest, and most charming clay characters you've ever seen.

This isn't just a course, it's your golden ticket into the land of elf sculpting. Whether you're a seasoned polymer clay wrangler or a fresh-faced newbie, Karen's laid-back, detailed approach will have you sculpting like a pro in no time. And let's be honest, who doesn't want a gang of self-made elves hanging around?

By the end of this course, you'll be the clay boss, and your friends will be begging you to make them a custom clay army of awesome characters. And hey, we're not kidding – you might even start your own clay-tastic business!

For just $97, you can transform your imagination into reality, one elf at a time. So what are you waiting for? Grab this limited-time offer before it disappears into the elfin forest! Your squad of elves awaits you.

Normally:   $137  ...

Today: $97

(seriously, this deal's hotter than a dragon's breath)

For a steal at $97, here's a sneak peek of the exciting things you'll get to do in this course:

Make Faces, Literally

Get your hands dirty (in a fun way) creating expressive elven faces that are oozing with personality. Trust us, you'll have more face-making fun than you'd ever think possible.

It's All in the Hands

Hands say a lot about a person, or in this case, an elf. We'll teach you how to sculpt the kind of hands that really talk, sharing tales of elven adventure.

Strike a Pose

It's time to turn those static elves into dynamic figures full of vim and vigor. We're talking poses that look like they're straight outta an epic fantasy movie.

Join the Elf Fan Club

Learn all about the elusive yet enchanting elves. Their features, their characteristics, their style - it's all part of the package.

Invisible Stand Mastery

Don't want to see how your creations stand? No problem! You'll learn how to make an invisible stand that will make your elves look like they're defying gravity.

Printable Proportions

To help you keep everything in check, we'll throw in a handy, printable chart of proportions. It's like the secret recipe to making perfect elves every time.

Normally:   $137  ...

Today: $97

Sculpting Experience

Sculpting is a form of self-expression and an enjoyable experience beyond creating objects.


Master Polymer Clay

Uncover the secrets of working with this versatile and forgiving medium. From conditioning and shaping to baking and finishing, Karen covers it all.


Decorative Details

Embellish your elves with adornments that add depth and personality to your creations. We're talking twinkling eyes, flowing hair, tiny clothes, and more.


Practical Hands-On Lessons

Karen is with you every step of the way. Her live demonstrations and detailed instructions make it easy to follow along at your own pace.


The Joy of Creation

Reconnect with your inner child and let your imagination run wild. Sculpting is about more than making objects—it's about expressing yourself and having a whole lot of fun while doing it!

Sculpting Polymer Clay Elves Course

Who is Karen Baker?

world-renowned sculptor

Karen Baker is a world-renowned sculptor, celebrated for her whimsical and lifelike polymer clay creations. With her nurturing teaching style and immense passion for her craft, she has inspired thousands of students around the world to unleash their creative potential. Now, she's ready to guide you on your sculpting journey.

Sculpting Polymer Clay Elves Course

We can't wait to see the magical elves you create!

Why wait to start your sculpting journey?

Whether you're looking for a new hobby, a way to express your creativity, or even the start of a new artistic career, "Sculpting Polymer Clay characters" is your ticket to a world of magic, creativity, and pure joy. And the best part? You can access the course from anywhere, anytime.

Join Us To Unlock Your Creative Potential!

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to learn from the best in the business.
Sign up for "Sculpting Polymer Clay Characters" now and start your sculpting adventure with Karen Baker today!


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How to Sculpt Elves in Polymer Clay Course
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